Soil Stabilization/ Milling/ Pulverizing

Soil Stabilization

For over ten years, ASI has been one of the only asphalt companies in Southeast Michigan to specialize in soil stabilization.  This is the use of Portland cement or Lime mixed into the existing soil to provide strength. With the cement mixed in with the existing soil it alters the soil’s long-term physical properties, making it more stable. When lime and LKD (Lime Kiln Dust) is mixed in with the existing soil it reduces the amount of moisture in the soil.

Both lime and cement are a cost effective method to improve the engineering properties of marginal or problematic soils. Our process utilizes the existing material which eliminates the need for excavation, removal and subbase importation. 

Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling is an extremely effective and economical way to remove a wearing course, or remove asphalt full depth, and replace the site with new asphalt. ASI is one of the only contractors in Southeast Michigan that owns and operates our own full-size mill.  In 2012, we purchased and began operation of a Wirtgen W210 Cold Milling Machine.  This has allowed ASI to improve the flexibility of our scheduling, as well as the quality of our work. By properly using slopes and grades while milling, we are able to ensure positive water drainage, with the oversight of our expert technicians and engineers.


Pulverizing is a process that recycles your existing asphalt pavement as a reliable sub-base to help stabilize the current ground conditions and provide stability for your new asphalt pavement.

Pulverizing is also the most economical way of reconstructing existing pavement. Not only does pulverizing save our clients money by reducing the cost of hauling away excess material off-site, it increases the depth of the sub-base and recycles the existing asphalt.  Pulverizing is such an effective construction procedure that ASI owns and operates two pulverizers of our own. Subcontractors often hire ASI to use the equipment.