Additional Services


ASI’s dirt division is unsurpassed in quality in the industry. We have always felt it is important to handle all of our grading services in house, so that we can have complete control of the schedule, as well as the quality of work.  We pride ourselves on having the best operators in the industry running the best grading equipment available.  We own and operate 15 bulldozers, three road graders, three excavators, 15 backhoes, and over a dozen vibration earth compactors to ensure proper stone grades and assure the ground is firm and on grade prior to asphalt paving.

We perform 100% of our grading work ourselves to control multiple variables critical to the outcome of each project. These variables determine the schedule as well the quality of work, including:
      Confirming the ground is solid to support the pavement and taking the necessary steps to achieve this
      Insuring the subgrade is “on grade”
      Scheduling one of 15 of our experienced grading operators
      Utilizing state-of-the-art grading equipment that is maintained properly and always in our possession

Aggregate Base

At ASI we use a stone aggregate to provide a sturdy base layer for your asphalt lot, this creates the best outcome for your asphalt area. An aggregate base refers to the sub-layer material of a parking lot or roadway. This base consists of a mix of crushed concrete or stone and dirt. This aggregate base course is placed on the top of the soil to provide a secure support for the top layer(s) of asphalt pavement. This provides the stable foundation needed to support a pathway, foundation, driveway or roadway. The thickness of the base layer can vary depending on the project.

Underground - Edge Drain

Edge drain is a drainage system installed under a road or parking lot to collect subsurface water and creates a passage for the excess water. We use edge drain to create drainage beneath the pavement surface. This is important for your parking lot or roadway because the drainage will runoff into an outlet location instead of collecting on your road surface.

ASI installs miles of edge drain on an annual basis, and adjusts and replaces thousands of catch basins.  The ability to understand and manage ground water is an important aspect of preserving asphalt.  Our years of experience have proven to us that installation of edge drain is one of the most important aspects of building a quality pavement.

The benefits of using edge drain are:
      Easily Installed
      It decreases the amount of water on the surface of the road, allowing less maintenance associated with constant wet roadways
      Allows the ditch and base to dry outKeeps sub-strata from saturation, which is critical during the freeze-thaw cycles

Concrete Installation

Through a variety of sub-contractors, ASI installs miles upon miles of concrete curb and gutter every year.  We coordinate these services for owners and general contractors on a daily basis.

We also install dumpster pads, sidewalks, and other concrete surfaces that our customers need us to coordinate during the course of our construction.

Crack Filling, Seal Coating, and Striping

Through a variety of quality sub-contractors, ASI performs these essential services on a regular basis:

Crack Filling
We understand the importance of crack filling, and it's role in helping preserve asphalt.  We perform overband crack fill, as well as routing and filling.

Seal Coating
ASI subcontracts millions of square feet of seal coating on an annual basis. We believe that this is important for the long-term benefit and maintenance of the asphalt. We use high quality seal coat contractors to perform this service, and ensure they are using the correct amount of silica sand and emulsion to guarantee that each seal coat job meets ASI's expectations.

We originally started our business in 1978 with a striping company called Global Striping. Check out our history. We take great pride in this service, and guarantee high-quality paint and straight lines every time.