Questions To Ask Before Hiring an Asphalt Contractor

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ASI has been in business for over 25 years. It owns and operates all of its asphalt paving and excavation equipment, and we seldom subcontract work.
ASI’s owners, Dan and Bruce Israel, were born and raised in Southfield, Michigan, and have lived their whole adult lives here and their children go to school here. They are involved in all aspects of the business.
When dealing with asphalt-paving contractors, many of them quote different specifications: different types of asphalt, different thicknesses of asphalt, and different thickness in sub-base. Make sure that you really have apples-to-apples when comparing different specifications and bids.
Before you actually start construction: have you engineered the site, do you know if there are any drainage issues, are there any pre-existing foundation or grade problems that you should know about before you start?
ASI offers a full one-year warranty for all work performed.

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