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Frequently Asked Questions

What is asphalt made of?

Asphalt is a mixture of sand, gravel, liquid asphalt, and recycled asphalt all blended together with various measurements to make a variety of different types of asphalt.

Are there different types of asphalt?

There are probably over 30 different specifications in Michigan alone, and each type of asphalt has a specific use, including different types for residential projects, parking lots, heavy-duty truck, traffic, and roadways.

What are the price differences between the various types of asphalt?

The price ranges greatly for the different types of asphalt, mostly depending on how much liquid asphalt is placed in the mix.  The more liquid asphalt in the material usually makes it more expensive.

Does all asphalt crack?

Yes, particularly in climates in the northern United States, where there is a seasonal freeze-thaw cycle.  In order for pavement to last, it is important to regularly fill cracks with hot rubber crack-fill.

What is the most important part of paving parking lots and roads to last a long time?

A sub-base and proper drainage below the pavement system is the first and foremost foundation for a long-lasting pavement.  The site needs to make sure that it is draining below the asphalt, and that the asphalt is placed on a good foundation.

How thick should my asphalt be placed?

Depending on the use and the amount of stress placed on the asphalt, pavements can range anywhere from 3-9 inches thick, from driveways to deep-strength roadway systems.

How much will my paving job cost?

Depending on size, location, thickness, and use, asphalt construction costs vary greatly, and each job must be priced individually.  Request a quote or contact a member of our Estimating Department to get an estimate for your project.

What is edge drain?

Edge drain is one of the most important aspects of pavement construction.  It is a drainage system below the ground to help drain the water below the surface.

How will you determine if my business will need to be closed for any length of time?

ASI offers Interruption-Free Paving, which means we work nights, weekends and unconventional hours to make sure there is minimal disruption to your customer or your business.  We own and operate our own in-house fleet of state-of-the art paving equipment, so we have control of our schedules and can work around yours.

When does the asphalt paving season usually begin in Michigan?

Typically, the paving season begins in mid-April or early May and ends in early December.  Towards the end of the paving season, limitations to the placement of the wearing course may apply due to cold weather.

What is your Warranty?

ASI offers a full one-year warranty on all of our work

Do you pave driveways?

Yes, but there are size and location limitations.

Where does ASI perform most of their work?

We work primarily in Southeastern Michigan.

ASI’s work includes what market sectors?

We perform work in the following markets:

  • Private business owners
  • Schools
  • Churches / Synagogues
  • Apartment and condo complexes
  • Corporations
  • Governmental Work
  • Mall and shopping centers
  • Subdivisions
  • Select private and residential projects


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