Dan, Bruce, and other leaders in the company realize the value of recognizing and identifying the core values that have evolved during the growth of the company – having a clear and well-articulated ideology. This ideology will attract employees of compatible personal values.  The values identified in Our Process not only develop a consistency and strength in how the entire ASI team operates, but provide a moral compass, or standard in how we provide service to our customers.

For the past seven years, Dan and Bruce have been working non-stop to grow the business.  ASI now grosses more than $45 million annually.  The company currently employs five full-time paving crews and owns and operates a significant amount of grading and excavating equipment.  Lou's Trucking, with a fleet of 25 trucks, becomes specialized with steel box semis, hauling broken concrete, asphalt, and dirt throughout Metro Detroit.  TKMS, with a fleet of 75 gravel trains, has established additional facilities in Milford and Flat Rock, while maintaining their headquarters in Oxford, MI.