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City of Rochester

Project Name: City of Rochester
Project Location: Rochester, Michigan
Budget: $650,000.00
Year Completed: 2012

In 2011, ASI reconstructed and repaved several roads for the City of Rochester.  The work included milling of existing pavement and high traffic areas behind the two main alleyways along downtown Rochester, as well as milling, concrete curb replacement, edge drain installation, along Old Town Road in Downtown Rochester.  

Old Town Road has a libaray and Post Office on the road with a large volume of traffic. Working with city officials, it was deemed necessary to shut the road down at night. Light towers were temporarily installed, and ASI paved the lot at night. The road was open for traffic by 8:00 am the next morning. The City of Rochester kept our contract open throughout 2012 and awarded a fire station reconstruction project to ASI.

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