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Adams Square

Big Box / Retail
ASI recently completed the Adams Square Shopping Center in Birmingham, MI. A 35,000 square foot area of this lot needed to be milled down 3.5 inches. 1,400 square feet in the front of the lot was removed along with 690 square feet in the back of the lot and all new asphalt was laid in all areas. As you can see in the pictures our ASI crews did a great job with this, they did great! To top it off ASI had A&R Sealcoating come in to crackfill and sealcoat the lot, and Kohls Striping to stripe per the original layout of the lot. Everyone did an amazing job with this project. Services Used: Asphalt Milling Parking Lot Reconstruction Asphalt Paving Crack Filling, Seal Coating, and Striping    

U Store Self Storage

Big Box / Retail
ASI was awarded the U Store Self Storage job of South Lyon. 5,780 square feet of this parking lot needed to be removed and replaced with asphalt skin patching through out. After our crews left, the parking lot looking great, ASI had a subcontractor come and finish it off by striping all affected areas. Another job well done! Services Used: Parking Lot Reconstruction Asphalt Paving Crack Filling, Seal Coating, and Striping    

Colonnade Shopping Center - Ann Arbor

Big Box / Retail
Colonnade Shopping Center is in progress. ASI will be doing the work in three phases. The parking lot needed to be milled in some areas and excavated and removed in other areas. ASI will be rebuilding six catch basins and edge drain will be installed throughout. Goretszki Construction is working as our concrete contractor and will install concrete curbing, sidewalks, and walk ramps. Colonnade will be striped when paving and concrete is completed. More pictures to come of the outcome, so far it's looking great! Services Used: Milling Concrete Installation Parking Lot Reconstruction