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Crack Filling, Seal Coating, and Striping

Through a variety of quality sub-contractors, ASI performs these essential services on a regular basis:

Crack Filling
We understand the importance of crack filling, and it's role in helping preserve asphalt.  We perform overband crack fill, as well as routing and filling.

Seal Coating
ASI subcontracts millions of square feet of seal coating on an annual basis. We believe that this is important for the long-term benefit and maintenance of the asphalt. We use high quality seal coat contractors to perform this service, and ensure they are using the correct amount of silica sand and emulsion to guarantee that each seal coat job meets ASI's expectations.

We originally started our business in 1978 with a striping company called Global Striping. Check out our history. We take great pride in this service, and guarantee high-quality paint and straight lines every time.

Asphalt Specialists, Inc
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Careers at ASI

We're always looking to hire great people
to join our team. We train and develop our
employee skills in line with the ASI way.