Asphalt Specialists, Inc. Located at
1780 E. Highwood, Pontiac, MI.
Phone: 800-277-4258

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Asphalt Specialists, Inc.
1780 E. Highwood | Pontiac, MI 48340
Toll free: 800-ASPHALT (800.277.4258)
Local: 248.334.4570
Fax: 248.334.4135
AJ Dhara, Estimator
Direct: 248.972.5027 
Paul Myers, Sales Coordinator
Direct: 248.648.7502 
Brian Onnela, Estimator
Cell: 248.318.6047
Junior Sesi, Estimator
Cell: 248.309.2389
Christopher Swift, Estimator
Direct: 248.648.7521
Tim Baugher, Sales
Direct: 248.648.7526
Bruce Israel, Sales
Direct: 248.648.7510
Leslie Marinelli, Sales Assistant
Direct: 248.648.7515
Anna Skelton, Sales Assistant
Direct: 248.648.7519
Chris Swift, Sales/Estimator
Direct: 248.648.7521 
Liz Zamenski, Sales Assistant
Direct: 248.648.7512
Doug Howell, Operations Mgr.
Direct: 248.648.7506
Cell: 248.819.8918 
Ruben Martinez, Project Manager
Direct: 248.648.7545
Cell: 248.881.6170
Craig Mattson, Project Manager
Direct: 248.648.7523
Cell: 248.303.0831
Sal Militello, Dispatch/ Coordinator
Direct: 248.334.9548
Nick Szymanski, Project Manager
Direct: 248.648.7508
Cell: 248.881.6466
Rick Beckman, Engineer
Cell: 248.819.8938
Richard Gehringer, Sr. Engineer
Cell: 248.819.8915
Sankshap Kandada, Engineer
Cell: 248.904.8155
Steve Perkins, Engineer
Cell: 248.408.1163
Accounting General Line
Office: 248.334.4570 
Fax: 248.334.9037
Kaye Ireland, Job costing
Direct: 248.648.7544
Chelsea Lee, Accounts Payable
Direct: 248.648.7524
Diane Palazzola, Accounts Receivable
Direct: 248.648.7507
Bob Senfftleben, Controller
Direct: 248.648.7517
Courtney Shafer, Safety Admin
Direct: 248.904.9569
Bryan Somerville, Safety Director
Direct: 248.972.5020
Mike Stockwell, Assistant Safety Director
Direct: 248.648.7516
Kristen Grattan, HR Assistant / Payroll
Direct: 248.648.7529
Heather Hartwig, HR Assistant / Payroll
Direct: 248.972.5026
Carol Millmine, Human Resources Manager
Direct: 248.648.7536
Brian Steele, HR Assistant / Payroll
Direct: 248.648.7501
Bruce Israel, Vice President
Direct: 248.648.7510
Dan Israel, President 
Direct: 248.648.7511
Liz Zamenski, Assistant to Bruce
Direct: 248.648.7512
Jason Mortisen, Assistant to Dan
Direct: 248.648.7503
Ana Allen
Direct: 248.972.5021

Asphalt Specialists, Inc
1780 E. Highwood | Pontiac, MI 48340
Toll free: 800-ASPHALT (800.277.4258)
Local: 248.334.4570
Fax: 248.334.4135

Careers at ASI

We're always looking to hire great people
to join our team. We train and develop our
employee skills in line with the ASI way.