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Interruption Free Paving










From April 15th to December 1st, it’s game on at ASI. We work nights, Saturdays, Sundays; whatever it takes, to keep your business open and running, and your customers out of harm’s way during your paving job.   

Asphalt pavement rehabilitation can be accomplished during off-peak hours. On highly traveled routes, much of this work can be done at night. One or more lanes can be closed after the evening rush hour, milled for recycling, resurfaced, and then opened for traffic the following morning. Most motorists will not have to deal with the inconvenience of construction delay.  

And there’s no question of waiting for days or weeks for the material to cure.  A new or newly rehabilitated asphalt pavement can be opened to traffic as soon as it’s been compacted and cooled - avoiding traffic detours inconveniences to your customers and other motorists.

Ask any one of our salesmen about how to make your paving job an interruption-free paving zone.